Y Lantimar Yachting fully owns a Fuel Bunker Agency operating worldwide: MULTINATIONAL FUELING.

Multinational Fueling can supply both duty free/duty paid, subject to local/national rules (AGO, MGO, DMA, IFO).

We offer a complete bunkering service for yachts, including advice on duty and tax regulations for fueling.


Our dedicated team is available 24/7 all year round to resolve any problem you may have or to deal with your requests for fuel or lubes.


Delivered directly by truck, by barge or through the port’s fuel station and whatever the size and capacity of tank, your vessel will be supplied with fuel at the very best rate.

Mixing and matching services to suit your needs,
we can assist and advise in the following bunkering areas:


– Delivery of high quality fuel
– Specialist Technical Support
– Premier Customer Service for all lubs needed worldwide